Different Types of Guitars In Music

The acoustic guitar is an instrument that many people who are in love with music continue to like and adore. This instrument has proven reliable when one wants to make some good music that everyone will like. This is because the instrument does not rely on the external amplification like many other instruments such as the electric guitar does. Instead, this incredible instrument relies on a sound board which is what makes up its sound box. For those who have experience and training of playing this instrument, they can easily change the way they pluck the strings and create diverse styles and genres. The instrument is also portable thus it can be carried anywhere with ease.

Classical acoustic guitar

This type has some nylon strings and also a wide fretboard. It is also generally small in size and it’s an ideal choice if one wants to play flamenco style or even Spanish among many other classical jazz. This is because this type of music blends well with the tunes of the guitar. Its strings are very easy on the fingers and one can easily pluck them using their fingernails. Some people opt to buy some special gadgets that they use to pluck the strings. For those who are beginners in using guitars, this can be a good choice for them too.

Folk guitar/ steel string

When compared to the acoustic guitar, this type is a little bit larger and it also uses either bronze or steel strings. Playing the instrument is better done using a guitar pick since the steel strings may injure the fingers by making them bruise. Since it has a larger sound box, the volume produced is quite high and also has some varied rich sounds. The instrument is quite flexible considering that it can adapt to different genres of music such as rocks, blues, folk music and even pops. The size of the guitar that one chooses is dependent on the type of music that one intends to play. For instance, one can opt to have a very large guitar for an orchestra. On the other hand, one can opt to pick just a small parlor which can be used by a young child when making solo performance.

Variations and types of the acoustic guitars

The resonator

This is characterized by its sound box which is made of steel rather than the common wooden type. This type can be used for country music as well as bluegrass. Its strings are of steel type and thus it produces a metallic sound.

The 12 string guitar

Each of the strings in this instrument is paired with another string. This helps to help produce a sound that is full bodied.

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